Summer is right around the corner…wahoo, vacation, cottages, beaches, family time and BBQs!   But there’s also that one thing for many women: it’s another summer…another year you haven’t met the bikini body goals you made way back in January.  Sigh

This is when the all-or-nothing mindset really kicks into high gear.  It’s either time to start that crash diet, or just throw in the towel altogether (or as my kids would say “take the L”).  

Why do we put ourselves through this?  I’ll tell you why. It’s because the summer often feels like one big insecurity circus.  

“My arms are too fat for sleeveless shirts”

“EVERYONE is looking at my thighs!”

“My belly is too big for this bathing suit”

“Everyone notices that I’ve gained weight”

It’s really hard to have an enjoyable summer when you just don’t feel comfortable in bathing suits, shorts and summer dresses, but I’m here to say… put it on anyways

You think you can’t wear a bathing suit because you’re not the size you wanted to be by this time of year? Wear it anyways!

You think your thighs are too big for shorts or dresses that go above the knees?  Wear it anyways

Your body isn’t spoiling your summer, your mindset is.

I know that wearing a bathing suit puts you in a vulnerable position, but the best (and most empowering) thing you can do is to try and let those negative thoughts go so you can actually enjoy yourself.  Otherwise, you’re wasting mental energy and just making yourself absolutely miserable. Ask yourself – Is that going to fix anything? No!

That doesn’t mean that you give up on any progress you’ve made on improving health, nutrition and exercise up to this point.  You keep working on those while sprinkling yourself with a bit of self love as well.

Don’t rob yourself of a potentially fantastic summer.  Once you give into those negative thoughts, you’re giving all your power and happiness away… no wait, you’re giving your SUMMER away.. to other people, to the little voice in your head (that we all need to learn how to silence).  Show up, know that you’re worthy of happiness and awesome summer clothing, and start making those amazing vacation memories with your family! Be “rebellious” this summer, and consider that when you step on the beach, or wear those shorts, you actually play a role in normalizing body diversity.  

Who the hell cares what others think?

You want to have a memorable summer?  You don’t need to be a size 2. 

Remember this:  Our attitude determines the outcome

That being said, it’s unrealistic to think that loving your body and embracing every imperfection is as easy as flipping a switch.  There will always be “those” moments that make you feel not so great – in a fitting room, at the pool, looking at the pics your spouse snaped of you.  But you fight those feelings! You do them everyday. And then you get better at it. And then you get to a point where those feelings don’t completely rob you from experiencing summer


Let your husband take pics of you.  Don’t just be the person hiding behind the camera this year.

Swim with your family, because summer doesn’t last forever.  Oh and rock that bathing suit!

Have drinks with your friends.  In a romper, shorts, maxi dress whatever.  Focus on enjoying the moment and the summer evening breeze on the patio.

Have an awesome summer!

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