Gyms have temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak (a necessary measure to help contain the spread of the virus), but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active.  In fact, it can be an excellent form of therapy during this difficult time.  Here are some ideas to help you stay active at home.

Walk/Run/Bike Outside

The consensus is that outdoor exercises that comply with social distancing requirements is okay. With Spring approaching, the weather improving, and stress and anxiety escalating, now is actually a perfect time to be outdoors for your mental and physical health, as long as you maintain a safe distance from others (minimum 6 feet).  You can still go for a walk, jog or bike ride in open areas and uncrowded locations outside, but no group activities with members outside of your household. Playing sports like soccer or basketball with friends often mean direct physical contact with others, and should be avoided. Backyard family soccer or basketball games though are encouraged.  


Many of us will be taking this opportunity to do some spring cleaning indoors, but if the weather is nice, consider spring cleaning outside as well.  Raking leaves, cleaning/organizing the garage, DIY outdoor projects, and cleaning up the backyard is a good way to get some exercise and fresh air.   

Free Workouts

There are plenty of free tried-and-true fitness apps to help you stay active at home.  

FitOn:  I listed this one first for a reason.  It is my go-to app for free workouts. You can choose workouts based on intensity, target area, type of workout (cardio, HIIT, yoga, dance, barre, pilates, etc), duration, and trainer.  Goodbye boring workouts! 

Popsugar Fitness: Amazing Youtube Channel with hundreds of workout videos for everyone, whether you’re just starting out and want a low impact beginners workout, or you’d prefer an intense cardio session.  There’s everything: full body workouts, dance workouts, kickboxing, yoga and much more.

Fitness Blender:  This husband and wife run channel is comparable to Popsugar’s channel in that it features hundreds of workout videos with lots of variety.  Workouts range from 10-60 minutes long.  

The Fitness Marshall: If you love dance, fierceness, working up a sweat and humour, you need to check out Caleb Marshall’s Youtube channel.  His dance workout videos are unlike any other, and what I particularly love are the backup dancers who are women of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities

Yoga with Adrienne: With over 6 million YouTube subscribers, and countless yoga workout videos for pretty much everyone (beginner, advanced and everything in between), this is a channel you definitely want to check out.  She even has workouts for teachers, musicians, seniors, diabetics, runners, golfers, and cyclists, to name a few.  

Bikini Body Mommy:  If you’re a mom, you’ll probably love Briana Christine’s down-to-earth and real approach to working out as a mom.  Her workouts are only 20 minutes, and are refreshingly relatable and funny, especially when the kids make appearances (because let’s face it, it’s hard to do anything for 20 minutes without our own kids making a cameo)

Kid-Friendly Youtube Channels

Cosmic Kids Yoga:  Making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids, this channel is a favourite in many homes.  Using colourful videos, stories and characters that kids love, it feels more like playfulness, but the kids are really doing yoga.  Actually, these videos are used in my daughter’s kindergarten class, so don’t be surprised if you put it on and your kids are already familiar with these fun and engaging videos.  

Just Dance:  We were doing Just Dance via YouTube years before we actually had a game console.  Actually, even after we got an XBox, we still have yet to purchase the game.  There isn’t one channel in particular, you’ll have to head over to Youtube and select from the numerous videos.

GoNoodleGoNoodle engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are!

Fitness Streaming Services (like the Netflix of fitness videos):

Beach Body On Demand:  You can stream over 1,000 workouts and get online access to complete fitness programs for any body type and any fitness level

Les Mills On Demand:  Access more than 800 workouts, and choose among popular Les Mills programs like BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, Sh’Bam, and Barre

Barre 3:  Combining barre, yoga and pilates, Barre 3’s online subscription service includes unlimited access to hundreds of workouts to build strength and restore balance 

Virtual Classes

Many MANY personal trainers are going online, offering virtual classes, and online private sessions, it’s just a matter of finding a trainer that you really love and going for it. 

*This option in particular can help support boutique gyms and small businesses that are being affected by the outbreak

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