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My goal is to educate, empower and inspire you to eat well, trust your body, and optimize your health using an anti-diet, Health at Every Size® approach with compassion, warmth, and understanding.



health at every size nutrition counselling


Nutrition is not one-size-fits all.  Each of us have individual strengths and vulnerabilities.  Working one-on-one can help you shift gears to overcome the roadblocks that are keeping you “stuck” in your journey, find your motivation, your natural rhythm and flow, so that you can become the best, healthiest version of yourself. 

Support for: Emotional & Disordered Eating, Weight Concerns, Fertility, Hormonal Health



The THRIVE online self-paced program offers a new road to travel, one that will lead you to better health, improved self esteem, and a better life. It addresses the root causes of emotional eating, food addictions, and fears of food and weight gain, and introduces gentle holistic nutrition in an easy and effortless way.  

health at every size nutrition
health at every size nutrition counselling


You don’t need another fertility diet, cleanse, or a weight loss plan. It’s time for a completely different approach to food and your body. 

Thrive Fertility is a weight-neutral fertility program that focuses on your unique physical, mental and emotional needs to help increase the chances of successful fertility treatments and pregnancy.



– Food should be delicious and eating for your health should be easy.  Nourishment is not about discipline and structure.  In fact, nourishment is not limited to food alone.  It includes all the ways we feed the many needs we have, and once we start feeding our bodies with love, care and understanding, we can start restoring our health in the most amazing way!

– You can take care of your health using a holistic approach while also celebrating body diversity

– You have the power to transform your entire life once you’re ready to adopt a healthy relationship with food, let go of what socidety deems healthy and toss out false assumptions that drive us to obsess about weight.

– Women who are confident and happy are more likely to make the kinds of decisions that lead to long-term health, as compared to those who begin from a place of self-hate



Plus Size | Anti-Diet Holistic Nutritionist

I’m on a mission to change the game so that women never experience an ounce of shame or guilt when seeking help on their path to wellbeing.

I’m here to help educate, empower, and inspire women of all sizes to restore their health using an anti-diet, Health at Every Size®️ approach with compassion, warmth, and understanding.

Have a question for me?  Not quite sure what program is right for you? Or just wanna connect? 


A complimentary 20 minute call where we can get to know each other, talk about your goals, and discuss diet freedom, wellness at every size, and how an anti-diet approach can help you with your health concerns.

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