For anyone who is finding it challenging to eat and move in a way that feels nourishing to you right now…

1 Hour Virtual Nutrition Consultations




Learn easy and practical ways to eat healthy, listen to your body, and reduce food anxiety so that you can find your calmest, healthiest, happiest body (without having to give up wine, coffee and carbs)

Holistic Nutrition.  Your Way.

There are countless ideas for staying active, eating healthy, reducing stress, improving your immunity, and establishing a routine, but what it all feels too overwhelming? 

It’s okay.

It’s okay if you’re sitting at home, in your bed, feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unproductive, with a bag of chips, while the kids are on their tablets, and the only thing you can muster up for dinner is throwing some frozen nuggets in the oven… again

It’s okay.

Uncertainty is hard.

Nobody can tell you how you’re supposed to navigate through the next few weeks.

Take a day, a few days, whatever you need to relax, feel all the feels, and breathe.

Take it one day (or hour) at a time.

When you’re ready, I’m here to help you through this.  Together, we’ll figure out a gentle game plan that works for you; a realistic one that allows your favourite foods paired with nutrient-dense meals to support your immune health, calm your body, and improve sleep and overall wellbeing.


 Virtual 1 Hour Nutrition Consultations

$95  $25

Virtual Holistic Nutrition Consultations

What’s Included

1 Hour Private Consultation

Private coaching session over the phone or online, from the convenience of your own home or office.  These mini sessions are perfect if you’re interested in general guidance, looking for meal or snack ideas, and want to get some questions answered, but don’t want a whole package

Real Practical Nutrition Advice

No fuss, and lots of freedom. Ideas for quick meals, healthy packaged foods, and practicing mindful and intuitive eating 

Healthy Recipes

Lots of healthy, versatile, easy-to-make recipes using minimal ingredients so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or run around looking for specialty foods


Stress Busting Recommendations

With stress management techniques and supplement recommendations to help your body naturally adapt to stress.

Immune Boosting Tips

Natural immune boosting recommendations 



Meal planner and worksheets to help you plan meals, help you connect with your own thoughts and feelings, assist you with making food decisions that don’t cause stress, and help tune into your body’s needs

A Different Approach…

I teach women how to tap into their own bodies so they get to decide what food and lifestyle works best for them.  

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, a gentle and compassionate approach to holistic nutrition using intuitive eating and Health at Every Size principles may be effective for helping you find a connection with food and healthy eating during challenging times.  My approach to holistic nutrition encourages mindful eating, finding balance, honouring your hunger, respecting your fullness, making peace with food, giving up food guilt, and respecting your body.


What You Can Expect…


  • Less anxiety around food
  • Increased awareness of your body’s nutritional needs
  • Improved body confidence
  • Better quality/more restful sleep

 Virtual 1 Hour Nutrition Consultations

$95  $25

If any of these speak to you, let’s talk:


You’re feeling overwhelmed and concerned about emotional eating

You are eating more, moving less and finding it difficult to be self compassionate

You are finding it difficult to eat mindfully and listen to your hunger/fullness cues

You want balance.  You want to eat nutritous foods, and freedom to enjoy your favourite foods as well

You are interested in guidance when it comes to nutrition, health and self care

You’re looking for food and meal recommendations that will accomodate your budget, and lifestyle

You would like some mental tools to help you cope with stress and eating

The problem is…


You’re looking for a diet

You want a rapid weight loss program

You’re looking for a cleanse

You want to be told exactly what to eat, how much, how many calories, etc.

You have no interest in exploring emotional eating, stress, and self care

You only want to eat “clean foods” without permission to eat carbs, sugar, etc.




Meet Wanda

Wanda Matijczak is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, passionate about helping women of all sizes feel loved, confident, and worthy of nourishment, while ditching food guilt and finding real, authentic happiness in the process.

Wanda’s has implemented an anti-diet, Health at Every Size approach and teaches her clients how to make peace with food and find body confidence with compassion, warmth and understanding.

When she isn’t hanging out with her husband and two kids, Wanda can either be found walking their rescue mutt Tundra, or going overboard at Costco.  She also loves gardening, camping, and pretty much anything that involves being outside in nature.  

Will I need to buy specialty health foods or supplements?

Most likely, supplement recommendations will be made. That being said, I absolutely believe that a holistic nutrition plan can be cost-effective and the use of supplements is to supplement a diet, not to substitute it.  The main focus is figuring out an eating and lifestyle plan that works for your emotional and physical needs.

Do I have to follow a meal plan?

Following a meal plan can be difficult right now, and will most likely only lead to frustration and stress.  This is the time when you want to give yourself the most freedom possible to avoid burning out.

Instead of a restrictive meal plan, you’ll be given personalized and easy-to-follow advice and tips with a focus on shifting mindset around food

Do I need to avoid any foods?

No!  There are no rules or food restrictions.  The goal is to discover easier and more practical ways to eat healthy, listen to your body, and reduce food shame and guilt, so that you feel confident and in control without unecessary restrictions.

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