1-on-1 Nutritional Counselling Sessions


Eat well, trust your body, and discover wellness without obsession.

I work with women who are tired of cravings, emotional eating and food restrictions, and are ready to courageously explore a non-diet approach to healthy living. 

My clients have the opportunity to explore their relationship to food and fully understand their bodies on a holistic level, in a safe space without any fear or judgement.  Instead of focusing on weight, and handing over a rigid list of foods to eat and avoid, I teach my clients how to feel confident, release the pressure from dieting and weight loss expectations, and tap into their own bodies where they get to decide what food and lifestyle works best for them.

 As a client, you’ll have an opportunity for introspection and reflection around your patterns and behaviors in relation to food and exercise.  Together, we’ll explore readiness to change, self awareness, personal responsibility, values, and personal challenges.

All nutritional counselling sessions are virtual

All nutritional counselling sessions are taught from a Health at Every Size perspective.

Includes one hour initial session and two 45 minute follow-up visits

As a holistic nutritionist who has worked extensively in women's health, I know that conventional methods just don’t work.  Fat shaming, control, willpower and perfection do not lead to sustained weight loss.  What they do is lead to a toxic lifelong obsession with food, weight and body dissatisfaction, and are disastrous for long-term health.  Even many holistic programs are now problematic, with dogmatic guidance, and severe food restrictions that can lead to disordered eating.    

We often look for intricate ways to fix ourselves, and in doing so, miss the obvious.  It’s not just about whole foods.  It's not all kale and kombucha. 

I am steadfast in my belief that bodies end up right where they belong when you take a step back, feed your body with its physical and emotional needs, and stop trying to control weight.  

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